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EXCLUSIVE: 5 Things You Don’t Know About Me: Sean Duran

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This man is my perfect match! Sword Says. You might also like. Ty Mitchell is winning awards and becoming one of the best bottoms on the blue screen. Tyler Reed was born a bear cub and became a muscle daddy without much in between. His blue screen career is approaching nineteen years with no signs of stopping anytime soon. But how did he get here? A lot worth knowing about. Donte comes from his Italian roots. Thick describes his dick. And he sure lives up to his name in every way. If there was no drama in his life he would be in the hospital on life support right now.

Sean Duran should have just left the video up as he was just being funny with it. I like how a lot of these prostitutes try to argue what they are doing is escorting.

And the standard response would be a link to his RentBoy ad. Yeah, we all know the terms. Prostitution is sex for money and why this site exists. What are you the moral police?

[UPDATED] Ryan Rose Threatens Sean Duran Over Rentboy Parody Video

Who cares. When did I ever claim to be the moral police? What I was clearly calling out was the hypocrisy of those claiming they are escorts and not doing anything illegal. Whether you like it or not, whoring for cash is illegal at this time. Maybe those who choose to engage in criminal activity should think of the consequences before they do it.

Diesel Washington & Sean Duran - High Performance Men Interview

Again, who cares Troll? What is your point? Porn was illegal not that long ago too. Thankfully, we changed that. The only difference now is how you do it. There is nothing illegal about the material on this site. And for the record, I do think prostitution should be legal. Thanks for pointing that out. Get off your high horse though.

Yes it is illegal but then there are lots of things that are illegal that should not be illegal. No society can tolerate a situation in which individuals decide what laws they believe to be legal and which ones they will choose to disobey. Just like Kim Davis cannot choose to disobey legal court orders to issue same sex marriage licenses, because she believes that they are illegal. The law is the law. If you choose to disobey it, do the time for your crime.

Come up with some better insults shithead. Those are way old.

One who is prone to making cruel immature comments using a disease they probably have little education about. Why does a mutant like you hide your past comments and mark them private? I understand that you feel shame at your perverse views, but you should man up and make them public. He does have a point though, they would love to go after gay porn stars, we know they will do nothing ot the clients, especially if they are rich.

While the video was funny, it also is saying that these people also committed crimes, come and get em. He apologized?!?

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Ugh Rose is such a drama queen — it was a joke. Lookout Ms. Lauderdale herself and remove it LOL. He could beat the shit out of Ryan no doubt. Finally someone to give Ryan a taste of his own medicine. Oh the disparity!!! Violence either physical or verbal is what Ryan does well with…. So why tempt fate?

So idk why he even apologized. There are MANY things that are against the law that non criminal minded folks do every day with no harm done to anyone else. I understand that you feel shame at your perverse views, but you should man up and make them public. Of Course They Were. Netflix Is Our Greatest Ally. Whether you like it or not, whoring for cash is illegal at this time. That face tattoo is just dumb as fuck.

Cool beans. Like mailing Sean a note comprised of individual letters cut out from the latest issue of The Advocate.

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The video was funny, but Ryan is also right. Sure these guys were prostitutes but they were also real guys that can be potentially subpoenaed and dragged into public court, which could have serious ramifications to their personal lives. What makes prostitutes better than other criminals? When I saw that threat, I seriously thought Ryan and Sean are friends and it was a joke …. That video was really funny. Ryan Rose needs to add a sense of humor to his Amazon Wish List ……….. He may already have a copy but just in case, on the homepage there is a tips tab that shows an email.

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A lot has changed since that lean pup that is Sean Duran first appeared in late Never felt so loved pic. The most unorganized wedding party to ever take this courthouse by storm pic. Happiest day of my life pic. At Art Basel in Miami pic. A little over two years later, the hair is shorn, the body is ripped as we saw a couple months back and at MenOver30 today, Johnny Hazzard dutifully saved Room for Dessert. Suddenly, we all have a sweet tooth too.

You may recall in the second installment of Boyfriends from NakedSword Originals, Sean shared the toe-curling passion with then boyfriend Nick Cross. Following their breakup, he skipped the Haagen Dazs and hit the gym to the ultimate delight of Bennett Anthony in Men. Remember when Johnny had that naked cooking show? Young, lean and being pounded by Brenn Wyson at MenOver Clippered and stached in Bulge 2.

Hairy and hunky in Boyfriends 2 and ripped and smooth at Dominic Ford.

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. I hope his retirement turns just into a hiatus, all I want is for him to get creampied by Champ Robinson. I wonder what has made Sean take the decision of tattooing a maneki-neko, a Hello kitty and a Ferrari brand on his body.